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How To Decorate An Aquarium

Designing an aquarium can be as much fun as choosing the fish to live within it. From the color of the gravel to the decorative sculptures, from the pirate’s treasure to the bottom of the plastic plants, every aspect of the aquarium design offers a chance to express your personal style.

Whether you prefer a simple, naturalistic design or a whimsical luminous decor, there are products on the market to satisfy your vision.

Choose castles from your aquarium-style add a touch of fantasy to the decoration of an aquarium.

Most aquarium owners invest in a self cleaning fish tanks. Cleaning the aquarium is an unwanted chore, especially for busy people. However, ignoring a dirty aquarium for too long is the cause of unpleasant odors and possibly dead fish. Quality fish tanks will not collapse in a few months, will only be silicone (used to secure the corners of glass) emit substances in the water that are harmful to the fish.

A natural theme mimics the environment of a fish and features gravel earth tones accentuated by large stones, sponges, shells, corals and natural or artificial plants. An artificial theme features brightly colored gravel accented by miniature castles, statues and other themed decorations like wrecks and treasure tests, or animated divers.

Identify the focal point of your aquarium. The focal point will be the biggest, most eye-catching element and is usually placed at the center of the layout. This could be a pile of rocks or a piece of driftwood for a nature theme or a large castle or a sculpture for an artificial theme.

All other elements of your design should frame and complement the focal point.

Artificial versus living plants combine plants and structural elements for a natural decorative fusion.

For a natural environment, examine living aquatic plants. Pet store chains store a range of leafy plants that thrive under water. Disadvantage? Fish like to nibble on aquatic plants and can quickly consume your carefully groomed foliage.

Aquatic plants have patience and you may have to replace a little when your fish turn them into lunch.

Plastic plants offer a convenient, low maintenance. Visit your local pet store for plants in different styles, sizes, and colors that mimic living plants so closely, it’s hard to tell the difference. Plastic plants stay fresh and green forever and will not just end up snacks for your fish.

The accessories in your aquarium should complete your focal point. They should not be distractions. For example, a natural decor with a piece of granite for the centerpiece only needs a few plants of different sizes for a clean and elegant look.

With an artificial decorative style, choose a theme and stay with it. If your focal point is a large castle, a small selection of plants and corresponding structural elements such as columns or a miniature bridge pull everything together. Use the animation features operated by a bubble tube sparingly.

More than one of these devices will attract attention will turn your tank into a confused, cluttered mess.

Outdoor filters and water cords from the hood and heater lights cross in the back of the tub can easily divert attention from the main decor inside. Most pet stores stock a selection of laminated paper sheets that feature realistic pictures of submarine scenes.

Simply put one of these leaves on the back of your aquarium and make these unsightly cords and tubes disappear.

Otherwise, plain paper or lightly molded packaging can be used to create a simple backdrop for your underwater masterpiece.