Benefits of Having Pets

A pet is not a toy with which you can have fun and then you can put away in a corner. A pet is a living creature whose well-being must be ensured both emotionally and materially. Choosing a pet, therefore, requires affection.

Benefits of Pets

They provide many benefits to humans who share their lives:

  • Fight against depression and loneliness;
  • Stress reduction;
  • Better physical condition;
  • Protection against cardiovascular diseases;
  • Stimulation of immune defenses;
  • Better quality of life for people with Alzheimer’s disease;

Before welcoming a dog, you should know that they tend to constantly look for signs of your affection. If you do not feel able to give them, opt for another pet.

Apartment or House

Before choosing a small ball of hair, you must know how to weigh the consequences. First, because the life expectancy of a dog turns around 13 years old. Duration during which you will, for example, find solutions for vacations or your business trips.

Because a dog can not stay home alone for more than a few hours even in a garden. You will need to find time to devote to it. At least one hour walk per day or even more for more sporting races (Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, etc.).

Apartment or house? The answer depends a little on the size and character of the dog. The smallest and/or the quietest can very well live a life in an apartment in town. Larger and/or more active people will prefer the space of a house with garden and long walks in the countryside or in the forest.

If your child is shy, the dog’s choice may be positive because the dog should help him out of his shell naturally by training him in his games and attracting other children to him. Effective, except perhaps for children allergic to hair dog.

Cost and Expenses

Budget side, the adoption of a dog costs between 100 and 200 euros. On purchase, the price is often much larger. If it is a purebred dog, the note can go up seriously and even go up to several thousand euros.

You will also have to invest in food, a bowl, a necklace and a leash, a bed, some toys, etc. Not to mention the occasional breakages, most often by puppies.