Month: June 2017

Becoming a Judge

becoming a judge

In every court the judges are responsible for settling disputes. But what does it take to become a judge? In addition to the title of lawyer, a course of ten months in the Judicial Academy, which in recent years has undergone a major restructuring in its processes of income due to the poor preparation with which receive.

In 2013, a director of an academy, was in need of requesting authorization from the Board of Directors of the entity to eliminate the obligation to fill the 24 quotas of lawyers seeking to access the primary ladder of the Judicial Branch. To fill the 24 places they were simply hiring people who were not suitable. Since 2014, the courses do not exceed 18 people.

To this training plan they admit about 340 lawyers. More than 70% of these attorneys are between 25 and 27 years old and less than two years of law practice. The current income system was established in 2012, following the arrival of the director and consists of three stages.

The first phase includes a theoretical evaluation of 140 alternatives questions and a practical test consisting of resolving three cases. Then, in the academy they select the 90 best scores of the theoretical test. As it was found that the results of the selected were still very low – the court score is about 4.0 – the Judicial Academy decided to establish a base point to increase their grades.


This was necessary because the pass rate was simply not high enough. Not all law firms are experienced and it takes time to become a good lawyer. This Wichita Falls lawyer is a good example of an experienced attorney that would likely score higher than somebody who was new to the field of law respectively.

So what can be done to raise the scores? Well the first step is to simply pick more experienced people for the tests.